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Your Membership Matters
Dear Colleague: 

The resources WVPA invests in making sure your voice is heard and your interests represented are significant. Advocacy for your profession requires an ongoing commitment and stakeholder investment.
Advocacy is the major responsibility of WVPA.   If you ask yourself whether or not what you are doing is at risk for obsolescence...then you need advocacy. If someone attempts to control what professional services you provide and what you are permitted to do with your profession and business practice...then you need advocacy. If you cannot identify 100 consumers of your services willing to go to the wall to ensure that you remain their provider...then you need advocacy. If your perception of quality services and positive outcomes is considered overrated by others...then you need advocacy. If you do not know who your state legislators or U. S. Congressman are...then you need advocacy. If you are just beginning your professional career...then you need advocacy. 
WVPA staff and elected officers attend to their advocacy responsibilities with the interest of your profession foremost. The resource fueling WVPA’s advocacy efforts is dependent upon membership. 
WVPA needs your membership to help assure continue advocacy for your profession. While our efforts are not always successful, WVPA has made – and will continue to make with your membership – tremendous strides and accomplishments in being pharmacy’s advocate. WVPA secured legislative authority allowing pharmacists to expand their scope of practice by administering certain immunizations. This expansion offers an opportunity to you to provider more health care services to your patients. 
As late as the 2012 Legislature, WVPA issued a “call to action” to pharmacists/members to defeat legislation that would have allowed insurance companies and PBMs to dispense 90-day supplies of medication from out-of-state mail order operations. Similar advocacy action was taken to prohibit insurance companies to require mail order of chronic medications. 
Earlier this year WVPA influenced the Legislature to “modernize” our Pharmacy Practice Act allowing you to provide health care services with the skills you attained through from your education and training. 
This accomplishment did not come easy as we had opponents to our legislative efforts. But wit the help of our members who contacted Senators and Delegates, we were successful.
A major provision in the new Act advancing our profession is medication therapy management (MTM). This is a professional services you can provide Medicare beneficiaries to improve their health and be paid by Part D plans I am very excited about this new opportunity for our profession, as I’m sure you are. The provisions of this new law are contained in House Bill 2577. 
We trust you can conclude from the above that your membership matters. Your being a member is imperative to WVPA continuing to advocate for our profession. Please continue your membership...or become a member if you currently are not one... and participate in our advocacy efforts. 
Your membership matters!
Thank you,

Jason Turner, Pharm.D.
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Save the date - February 23, 2015 - and plan to attend "Pharmacy Day at the WV Legislature".  It is your opportunity to inform your elected officials of issues important to your profession and your pharmacy. This annual event is hosted by WV Pharmacists Association.


NPLEx reduces meth ingredient sales

Purchases of medications that can be used to make illegal methamphetamine has declined in West Virginia by more than 30 percent, according to APPRISS, the Kentucky-based company that administers NPLEx. That's the sharpest decline of any of the 25 states that track purchases of cold meds containing pseudophedrine, a key-making ingredient.

The sales decline mirrors a significant drop in meth lab seizures statewide this year. Since January, WV pharmacies have sold 230,080 boxes of pseudeophedrine, down from 335,985 boxes during the same nine months the previous year.  The NPLEx system blocks sales when people try to exceed daily, monthly and yearly purchase limits.  APPRISS officials also reported 32,000 fewer people purchased the cold medicines during this same people. 

APPRISS has instructed over 130 WV law enforcement officers from around the State how they can use the NPLEx program to arrest violators.  State police officers and Kanawha County deputy sheriffs attended yesterday's instruction.  However, law enforcement officials from the City of Charleston, which has voiced the greatest concerns about meth use, did not attend the instruction.

WV pharmacies were required to start reporting sales to NPLEx in January 2013. NPLEx was implemented after the Legislature passed legislation at the request of  Governor Earl Ray Tomblin.  WVPA Executive Director Richard Stevens attended the APPRISS presentation yesterday, with members of the Board of Pharmacy.


Keeping your patients satisfied...

Patient satisfaction is higher when a pharmacist works with a patient to increase adherence and to thoroughly explain the risks and side effects of medications using multiple communication channels, a report from JD Power indicates.  The JD Power 2014 US Pharmacy Study also found that pharmacist and staff interactions with customers are increasingly important drivers of satisfaction for both brick-and-mortar, and mail-order pharmacies, while the speed of delivery and ease of ordering medication also increases satisfaction with mail-order pharmacies.  

In addition, pharmacies that collaborate with patients to create a plan to help ensure that the patient does not miss a medication, particularly those with a 30-day supply, provided higher satisfaction for patients.  The study is based on responses from nearly 14,000 pharmacy customers who filled a new prescription or refilled a prescription during the three months prior to the survey period.


Pharmacist's role in patient care highlighted 

October is American Pharmacists Month, a time to recognize the significant contributions to health care and the commitment to patient care by pharmacists in all practice settings nationwide.  During this time, consumers are encouraged to consider the theme, "Know Your Pharmacist -- Know Your Medicine."  

Pharmacists are highly trained health care professionals who play a critical role in patient care.  As aging patients increasingly rely on multiple prescription drugs to manage chronic aliments, it is more important than ever that they have a trusted resource.  More information about American Pharmacist month is available on the American Pharmacists Association web site.


Rogue wholesalers growing

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning pharmacists and other health care providers to watch for counterfeit and unapproved drugs through a new educational program known as Know Your Source.  Aimed at protecting patients from unsafe and ineffective drugs, the program advises providers to only purchase drugs from wholesaler drug distributors licensed in their state. 

Further, FDA offers tips to providers to protect patients, including being wary of offers too good to be true, and ensuring all drugs received are FDA-approved medications.  Another way that pharmacists can be assured of the legitimacy of a wholesale distributor is to look for the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy "Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor" (VAWD) Seal.

Those wholesaler distributors that achieve VAWD accreditation are in compliance with state and federal laws, as well as NABP's VAWD criteria.  Wholesale distributors that display the VAWD Seal as part of their accreditation have undergone a criteria compliance review, including a rigorous review of their operating policies and procedures, licensing verification, survey of facility and operations, background checks, and screening through the NABP Clearinghouse.  

Accredited facilities are reviewed annually and undergo an on-site survey every three years. Created in 2004, the accreditation program plays a pivotal role in preventing counterfeit drugs from entering the United States drug supply.

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